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My name is Erin. I'm currently in progress of becoming a licensed Realtor. I enjoy taking nature photos as a relaxing hobby. Check out my blog: http://thosewhowanderforever.blogspot.com/ and my instagram @erin_d0yle

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Westbound Towards Fuckitville

Coming back to work last night, the flashing, red lights, and train gates closing, prevented me from making it back on time. My break ended five minutes ago, shift almost over, now I'm stuck. Of course, the longest train in recorded history chugged along the tracks. Minutes went by with no end in sight so I amused myself thinking about how "This is the Fuckit Train heading westbound towards Fuckitville."

I laughed to myself and gazed off at the train, watching the never ending trail of rail cars continue west to Fuckitville. My impatience escalated because several minutes went by and I still couldn't see the end. By then I glared at the train and watched it progressively slow down. Slower and slower it crept along, then moved no more. The Fuckit Train to Fuckitville stopped dead on the tracks.

Five minutes went by without the train scooting an inch. Dead on the tracks, giant and still, like the ancient monoliths of Easter Island or Stonehenge. Shit wasn't moving, and remained lifeless for many more minutes. Of course when I needed to get back to work this occurred. My only choice was to travel a few miles out of the way to maneuver around the blocked roads and tracks. The Fuckit Train heading westbound toward Fuckitville said "Fuck this!" and stopped dead in its tracks, never budged an inch until after my shift ended at work.

Thinking about it now, I wish I was that Train headed to Fuckitville. It's not like I wanted to go back in Funland and make more boxes anyways.